Mimosa Salon Spa

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Anti-Aging Facials

Mimosa Ultra Lifting Treatment 1 Hour 10 Minutes: $120 (4 for $399)

By applying our collagen stimulating products and techniques will leave your skin unrecognizable to your very own touch. The results will be firm, protected, and very well moisturized skin. 

Mimosa Revitalize Facial 1 Hour: $120 (6 for $660, 12 for $1,200)

The natural alternative to surgery, scalpel, and injections. Using advanced micro-current technology this treatment will dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity, and offer maximum product penetration for refreshed and supple skin. Results can be maintained with regular treatments. 

Mimosa Express Face Lift Facial 45 Minutes: $85 (4 for $299)

Using advances micro-current technology this treatment targets the facial muscles around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and mouth area for an immediate improvement that lasts up to two days. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, or when you simply need a quick "Pick-me-up."

Mimosa Mini Revitalize Facial 30 Minutes: $60 (6 for $330, 12 for $600)

Similar to the Revitalize Facial; however this treatment only targets a single area of the face: around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, mouth area, chin, or neck.

Image Perfection Lift Peel Treatment: $100 

Wellness Facials

Mimosa Signature Facial 1 Hour 20 Minutes: $105

Using the finest quality botanical extracts and essences this treatment will deeply cleanse and transform your skin. Highly customized to your skin types and conditions, this relaxing treatment includes massage of the face, neck, and décolleté as well as a foot massage. 

Mimosa Essentials Facial 1 Hour: $85

This facial uses the finest quality botanical extracts and essences to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and extract for a restored skin and a radiant complexion. 

Mimosa Radiant Hydration Facial 1 Hour: $85

Does your skin feel like a desert due to too much sun, wind, cold winters, or stress? Fill your skin with age defying moisture that will leave you with a refreshed face to enjoy the day. 

Mimosa Resurfacing Fruit Acid Treatment 1 Hour 10 Minutes: $120 (4 for $399)

A resurfacing facial will quickly improves the skin's smoothness by restoring a healthy cell renewal with botanical fruit acids. Our professional only fruit acid peel will leave your skin visibly smoother, and brighter. 

Body Treatments

Mimosa Signature Body Treatment 50 Minutes: $85

Our abrasion-free exfoliating body treatment will leave your skin glowing with moisture. While the "peels" get whisked away. The skin will become soft and hydrated to the touch. This gentle yet effective exfoliation is great for all skin types including sensitive skin and pre/post sun exposed skin. 

Mimosa Slimming Wrap 50 Minutes: $85

Drain away excess built up fluids from the figure with out slimming body treatment. Let our therapists expertise be seen with the application properly formulated products that will strengthen the contour curves of your body that you desire. 

Anti-Fatigue Leg Treatment 50 Minutes: $85

If you enjoy a relaxing foot rub your tired feet, then you will love this treatment! This toning treatment focuses on draining and promotes natural healthy circulation to relieve fatigue and swelling. 


Mimosa Men's Club 50 Minutes: $75

Our skin treatments are designed and formulated directly for men's thicker skin! Professional products for men's specific needs will leave you with a new understanding of what your skin should feel like. With the helpful analysis by our skin therapist your can decide wheat treatment best fits your needs, the energizing Skin Fitness, the protecting Power Moist or our skin altering Age-Defense.